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Meet the #1 All-In-One HR & Payroll Software For Your Business.

All Your HR & Payroll Data in One Place. All Working Together.


• Streamline employee hiring and onboarding using employee contracts.
• Automatically assign payments and benefits based on preconfigured rules.
• Sync HR data across all platforms including Payroll, Time and Mobile.


• Automatically calculate all payments, benefits and deductions for employees at the click of a button.
• Manage taxable/non-taxable payments and other custom calculations.
• Generate bank files for online salary transfers.


• Simplify time tracking for daily and hourly employees using timesheets.
• Interface with biometric scanners to pull time information.
• Setup standard and complex shift patterns across weeks or months.


• Access data anytime / anywhere from any device. (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac)
• Submit requests for leave, expenses/reimbursements, overtime and swap days off.
• Access and print ePayslips and YTD payment information.

Dashboards & Reports

• Choose from existing formats or create your own custom dashboards & reports using our designer.
• Allow employees to access and print individual reports directly from mobile.
• Stay 100% compliant with monthly and yearly government reports.

Payroll Outsourcing Service Providers

• Process payroll for multiple clients.
• Unlimited payroll runs at no extra cost.
• Reduce administrative burden with eLeaves and ePayslips.

Over 3000 Happy Employees Across Thailand Get Paid With ByteCrunch



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