ByteCrunch ePortal – Payroll Management

ByteCrunch’s all new ePortal comes with a whole set of new payroll functions and features designed to increase automation and allow companies to easily and efficiently manage their HR and Payroll processes.


ePortal Payroll YTD ViewThe ePortal also aims to reduce communication between payroll administrators and employees further streamlining the process.

  • Employee Payroll Request View
    • Employees can use this section to submit Payroll requests such as Reimbursements and Overtime.
    • They can add in specific remarks and details to each request along with attaching files or documents.
    • Employees can search for their submitted requests by keywords and track the status each of these requests. (Re-submit, Approved, Rejected)
    • Double clicking on each Payroll request record will open the request history, which displays a chronological order of all events pertaining to that request including supervisor remarks.
  • Manager/Supervisor Request View
    • Once a request is submitted, both the supervisor and Payroll admin are notified by email with the request details. Supervisors can directly approve or reject requests from their email without logging into the ePortal.
    • From the ePortal, supervisors can search for Payroll requests by request ID or keywords and add specific comments to each request before approving or rejecting them.
    • If a supervisor is going on vacation, he can assign his role to another supervisor who will be able to approve his requests.
  • ePayslips (Month & Date View)
    • Employees can view details of all payments, deductions and net amounts by month or by pay date. They can print these payslips and the format for these payslips can be customized based on each company’s requirement.
  • YTD View
    • Employees can view details of all payments and deductions over a 12 month period.
    • They can export these details directly to excel.
  • ePortal Reports – Employee
    • Employees can print reports on pay details, reimbursements, deductions, bonus etc.
    • All reports can be customized based on your company requirements and policies.
    • Additional reports and certificates can be included based on your requirement.
  • ePortal Payroll Reports & Dashboards – Supervisors and Management
    • Access permissions can be set for supervisors or managers to generate reports for their specific departments.
    • Super Users or Management can generate and print reports containing data of the entire company / organization.
    • Custom Payroll dashboards can be setup to give management an overview of total payments and deductions by month, net salaries paid, split of reimbursements paid etc.
    • All of the information in the reports and dashboards can be grouped by Branch or Department.

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