Streamline Hiring, And
Employee Contract Management

Hire Employees with a Smart HR Software Solution

Bytecrunch simplifies the way in which companies hire employees.

Add new employee records at the click of a button with our easy-to-use interface. Payments & benefits are automatically assigned to employee contracts based on preconfigured rules.

Manage Your HR From End-To-End

Our HR Information System automatically syncs all your employee data across all multiple key systems including Payroll, Time & Mobile.

Use Your HR Data To Make Smarter Business Decisions

With Bytecrunch business intelligence reports and dashboards, you can easily visualize key HR data and gain valuable insights into which processes are working well and where there’s room for improvement. Take advantage of our preconfigured and custom HR software reports that give you access to real-time business intelligence.


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ByteCrunch ePortal – Payroll Management

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