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ByteCrunch Payroll lets you run payroll effortlessly. Because it integrates seam-lessly with the entire ByteCrunch plat-form — HR, Time & Attendance, Mobile and more — every change flows directly into your pay runs, keeping earnings, deductions, and taxes up-to-date for you. This essentially means you get to man-age everything in one place and we au-tomate the hard stuff.

Run Payroll with five simple steps

Update Payment Data

Load Payment Data

Payroll Process

Generate Bank File

Notify Employees

Bank File Generation
• Bank files for all major banks can be generated directly from ByteCrunch and uploaded for online salary transfers.
• All of this is done in a matter of minutes. User level permissions restrict access to authorized personnel.

Stay 100% Compliant!
• Bytecrunch allows you to generate monthly and yearly govern-ment forms in pdf format or text file format for online submissions.
• We automatically update our reports to ensure 100% compliance with Government regulations.
• Government reports include PND1, SSO 1-10, Provident Fund, SS0 1-03, 50 Tawi etc. Staying compliant has never been easier.

Unlimited Payroll Runs
• With ByteCrunch, you can have multiple payroll such as salary, reimbursement etc. in a single month at no additional charge.
• Calculations are automatically updated based on prior payments made in the month assuring you of accuracy !

Reports & Dashboards
• Reports & dashboards allow you to analyze payroll data at com-pany, branch, department or employee level and extract the infor-mation you need in a matter of seconds.
• Access our preconfigured formats or use the designer to create your own custom formats to pull your business critical infor-mation.

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