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Many businesses in today’s fast changing technology world are moving towards online cloud based HR and payroll software because they understand the immense benefits of not having to manage additional hardware and IT personnel. Cloud software also allows businesses to improve operational efficiency of their HR and payroll processes saving time and money.

But there are still a large number of businesses that are skeptical about the cloud and unwilling to make the move. Why is this so?
One of the primary reasons cited is “Cloud Security”. Businesses are concerned that their core HR and Payroll data will be at risk if stored online on the cloud. They believe that hackers and identity thieves will have easy access to their sensitive data and can copy or manipulate this data. Further, businesses also believe that hackers will be able to intercept communications / transactions between client PCs and online cloud servers.

It is thus preferred to host all critical HR and payroll data on internal servers because businesses feel more comfortable with the fact that the data is more secure and not accessible to unauthorized personnel.

While the above cloud security concerns are extremely valid, what businesses and companies fail to uderstand is that online technology has come a long way in terms of cloud security while also improving availability, accessibility and scalability.

Windows Azure is an industry leading cloud service provider providing the following cloud security benefits for HR and Payroll software hosted online.


–> Point in Time Restore – Data can be restored to any specific point in time within the last 14 days.

–> 97 % uptime guarantee for all cloud servers. This means that your critical HR and Payroll software is guaranteed to be available at all times (24 x 7) without any failures.

–> Geo Replication / Mirroring – Your HR and payroll data is replicated to multiple secondary data centres around the world (Singapore and Tokyo) to ensure business continuity in the event of any data centre failure or disaster in the primary location. The switch over time from primary data centre to secondary data centres is below 30 seconds.

–> Data BackupsYour HR and payroll data is backed up daily every 8 hours and retained for 3 months. The 3 month period is extendable, as per your requirement.

–> Scalability Cloud servers can be scaled up immediately to manage unlimited data and transactions based on your business needs. This means that you can easily expand or grow your business without worrying about the increasing infrastructure needs and server processing power to handle large HR and payroll data volumes.

–> Data EncryptionOn Microsoft Azure cloud, industry leading data encryption methods are used on the database, backups and log files to protect against the threat of malicious activity. Server certificates protect encryption keys and Microsoft automatically rotates these certificates every 90 days.

–> Dynamic Data MaskingMicrosoft Azure cloud databases use dynamic data masking to limit exposure of sensitive HR and payroll data to users who do not have the required privileges.

–> AuditingMicrosoft Azure auditing tracks and stores all cloud database events, which can be accessed at any point in time by authorized users.

From the above, it is evident that Microsoft Azure provides extremely high levels of cloud security, and often times better than the security for your in-house servers.

ByteCrunch HR and Payroll software has been designed and configured to be used with Microsoft Azure cloud services. Further, ByteCrunch is deployed using Microsoft Azure RemoteApp, which secures all client-server connections using SSL with a 128-bit industry leading encryption mechanism.

Contact us for a free demo of ByteCrunch and learn how businesses in Bangkok and Thailand are using ByteCrunch software on the cloud to securely and efficiently manage their HR and payroll operations.

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