ByteCrunch’s All New HR Module

  • ByteCrunch’s new and improved HR module allows you to manage and track all of your employee data easily and efficiently. You will be able to store employee personal details, training details, contract details and bank information.
  • ByteCrunch’s robust contract management system will allow you to track employee movement between various departments or branches in your organization. You can also track employee promotions, changes in payments/benefits and resignations.
  • Leaves and holidays can be assigned to employees. You can set the default leave days that each employee is allowed to take during a year. Leaves can be classified as paid or unpaid. If an employee has balance leave in the current year, you will be able to transfer the leave days to the following year based on your organization’s policies. Use ByteCrunch’s reports and dashboards to easily track employee leaves and leave balances at company, branch and department level.ByteCurnch HR and Payroll Software on the cloud
  • Setup employee grades using ByteCrunch and set default salaries, over time rates, payments and benefits against each grade. These grades can then be assigned to employees based on their contract and position allowing you to effectively manage employee compensations across your organization.
  • Setup unlimited employee positions for your organization and assign these positions to employees. ByteCrunch HR allows you to store budget headcounts for each position. This will further allow you to setup reports and dashboards to view actual vs budgeted data at department, branch and company level.
  • Each employee in ByteCrunch can be assigned to a supervisor who he reports to. You can also setup reporting workflows at position level. These workflows will determine the routing of a request when it is submitted from the Employee Self Service Portal (ePortal).
  • ByteCrunch HR allows you to setup and manage multiple companies, multiple branches and unlimited employees. ByteCrunch HR is accessible online on the cloud across all devices and operating systems. Contact us  for a FREE demo and learn how ByteCrunch will help improve your HR and Payroll business processes saving time and money.

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